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A high-performance diesel engine oil which is designed for the most recent engines of construction and mining machinery, operating in extreme conditions and on-road trucks and buses operating under all loads.

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is a premium heavy duty engine oil of a new generation, which meets the latest API CK-4 level. The product is especially formulated to optimize performance in the most recent engines of construction and mining machinery and trucks and buses of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Specially designed for engines operating in the most extreme conditions - full load, long periods, dusty and hot atmoshpere as well as moderate loads and stop and go work.

Recommended for Diesel engines up to the most recent compliance with the emission standards of US EPA Tier 4 Final and EURO Stage IV and Stage V. Due to its low ash content, the product is perfectly suitable for engines equipped with post-treatment systems, such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

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A high-performance “Low SAPS” Diesel engine oil for the newest on-road and off-road engines operating under extreme conditions.

Hear from an Oil Industry Lubricant Expert on why RUBIA WORKS 4000 is the best diesel engine oil in it’s class.


This lubricant is certified in accordance with Japanese, European and American criteria. Approved by many original equipment manufacturers.

International Specifications:
JASO DH-2 (D033TOL609) ACEA E9/E7 API CK-4/CJ-4/CI-4+/CI-4/CH-4/SN
Manufacturer’s approvals:
Meets the requirements:
Especially recommended in engines of machinery:


TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 provides excellent durability and drain interval extension even during harsh, extreme operating conditions. The abilities to keep the oil pressure stable and to provide a maximum protection against wear are proven by the Shear Stability Test results. This test is an instrument used to determine an oil’s ability to retain its viscosity over a number of cycles of injector shearing. TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 perfectly passes Kurt Orbahn diesel injector shear bench test, which was designed to simulate the permanent viscosity loss in heavy-duty diesel engines. This test is usually performed over 90 cycles but RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 shows perfect robust performance even after 250 cycles!

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Hot Tube Test

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 successfully passes the standard Hot Tube Test, required by JASO. This test shows the oil’s ability to resist oxidation and deposit formation. Furthermore, TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is one of the few products on the market which is also able to pass the more stringent version of this test, performed at higher temperature, as required by certain OEMS.

Piston Cleanliness, Bore Polishing
and Wear Tests OM 501LA and OM 646 DE 22 LA

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is proven to protect against cylinder liner wear through superior piston cleanliness so almost eliminating Bore Polishing that far exceeds ACEA test limits. Cam wear is also significantly lower than industry standards.

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Sludge Tests OM 501LA

RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 provides protection against Sludge beyond required performance standards and even beyond the next performance level.

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TOTAL Oil Australia is the Australian lubricants division of Total, a leading multinational energy company. As the fourth largest integrated oil and gas company in the world, TOTAL has more than 98,000 employees globally and a strong international presence in more than 130 countries.

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